Data Management
made simple.

Have lots of information but have no idea what to do with it?

I’ll use my Excel super powers to help you turn that data into powerful insights so you can make decisions and grow your business

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What I Do

I turn massive datasets into usable information

In today’s world information is both power and money, if you have data and you are not using it you are loosing both. Data can come from any source, a specialized piece of software or a list in excel, if its in a computer I’ll turn it into value to you.

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I automate recurrent processes in spreadsheets
to save time and prevent user errors

Generate those weekly reports with the touch of a button, no more wasting time doing the same process over and over again.

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I Build professional customized reports

What good is all the data if you can’t read it? Don’t waste time trying to read through your datasets, lets create reports based on relevant metrics to your business so you can start making decisions.

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If you are reading this chances are you know you have some (or lots) of data somewhere in your computer and you know there is lots of value hidden in that data, waiting to be extracted. So YES, you could definitely benefit from my services.
YES, over the years I have managed data for many large and small businesses. My business is built in trust and I don’t discuss any information with anybody other the owner of the data that is why I don’t publish my client’s names or logos. I have a secure infrastructure and all the information is encrypted while on my possession. I’ll be happy to sign a NDA if it gives peace of mind.
Yes, most software have an “Export” option that will allow us to get the data onto an Excel table, once in Excel the sky is the limit
Every requirement is different and handled uniquely, all I need is a brief description of you request (and if you can a sample of the data) an I’ll be happy to provide a quotation. Cost is agreed upfront, no hidden fees and you don’t pay until I delivery to your satisfaction.
Depending on the request, but must projects can be delivered within 2 weeks’ time.
YES, many of my clients are overseas. We maintain communication via email, phone or video calls and schedule regular online meetings to discuss and review advances on the project.
YES it is. Data management and data analysis provide a clear view and better understanding of your business, it will help you make informed decisions and take action.